Data Entry Solutions

In addition to the software development and predictive analysis, we are also available for other relevant core needs of the data driven world. We perform all kind of database creation/data entry needs for our clients.

When data entry is a significant part of your daily, weekly or monthly task, our objective is to help you save time and cost while simplifying the process for you. Allow the expertise at Twenty LYS to take care of the cumbersome but inevitable process in various ways.

Depending on the nature of the data and the data entry method used, our core team of analysts is ready to work with you to deliver efficiently and effectively the solutions tailored according to your organization’s needs.

Following are just a few examples of the wide range of data entry services that we offer:

  • Manual Keyed entry into a pre-existing spreadsheet or any other form of pre-existing data entry application or database
  • Manual Keyed entry and data manipulation/editing into a new data entry application or database
  • Secured keyed entry and data protection with masking options into pre-existing or new database
  • Data entry modifications to existing methods via data structuring and controlled data entry techniques
  • User interface designs for data entry into an existing or new data-entry application or database with single or multiple data forms
  • Graphical data entry into existing or new application
  • Graphical vector data entry and data plotting into statistical or spatial graphics
  • Complete data entry solution by converting all existing textual and numerical data from piles of old paper files into digital form and continued maintenance and data entry service for future data

If you have a data entry need, we might be the right cost effective data entry solutions for you! Please contact us for further details!!