Software Outsourcing


Twenty LYS provides local Principal Programmers/Project Managers who controls the project along with a high performance Nepal Design Center where our designers, engineers and system architects work as virtual employees of companies around the world. Our daily activities typically include collaboration online via WebEx/Skype with our customer’s local design teams for product development and documentation.

Our virtual engineers can work directly for our customers to provide product design, system architecture and application testing.


Its never been so easy to outsource engineering work. TWENTY LYS introduces a 4 step process to make engineering outsourcing simple, reliable and cost effective.

Step-1: Study your requirements and needs
Step-2: Identify the compatible Virtual Engineer to meet your requirement
Step-3: Sign Service Agreement and mutual NDA (if required)
Step-4: Establish VPN / Setup Communication Medium

We provide a unique low cost product design and engineering services with virtual engineers who work remotely from our offices, but can report directly to our customers.

Our engineers work on short to long term product design and engineering projects. There are no recruiting fees or set-up charges to hire an engineer through TWENTY LYS LLC.

Our clients typically lower their expenses by more than $50,000 per engineer per year. Partner with us to get quality product with the fraction of your engineering expenses from today.

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