Issues with Google Ranking as website’s traffic & small business future depends upon Search Engine

TwentyLYS-ScootersPartsdotnetAre you losing Google’s organic traffic to 10 folds less in two days without any problems?

Small online business, a division of Scooter Express, Waldorf, MD turned sour on August 8, 2014 as suddenly website traffic came down to 10 folds less clicks (around 30 clicks per day) than just few days ago/weeks/months or years ago. Their URLs were constantly on Google’s second and sometimes on the first page with the keyword “scooters parts” for at least around two years.

Suddenly on August 8, 2014 was completely disappeared from Google organic search as none of its usual keywords show its home page on Google’s organic results up to 30 pages. Note, there were no information on webmaster tools. 

There were digging into their website and its back links if something has happened behind the curtain which is basically beyond their control. They didn’t find anything specifics as they were neither doing any aggressive SEO or updating website nor changing hosting etc. Basically, they had business as usual with balanced link building using their social media platforms, helping other people to solve their issues and commenting on relative websites.

The question is: how and why the home page has been disappeared from Google search, especially scootersparts home page?

Another question came into play: Is Google killing small businesses like these? Scootersparts mentioned they have lost data from “links to your site” on Google’s webmaster tool for the past 6 months ago or so for their website.

ScootersParts Webmaster report

Webmaster Report of

Third question: Is Google pushing small business to buy their PPC program or some other paid advertisement program to show up on their search engine?

Websites like probably sells less than $5,000 per month with tiny net profit which probably cannot afford to put extra burden on its crumbling shoulder. There are no ways websites like can compete with bigger players like eBay, Amazon etc. On that note, is Google killing small business taking out their URL’s from their organic search?

Not sure why and how this has happened. Regardless, this is a serious threat to small businesses for their very existence, let along flourish, as their URL’s are almost completely removed from search engine giants. They will eventually have to shut down their website within months if not within a year for sure. It may happen to any struggling small business owners in future had they lose their URL’s from Google for sure. has been working with to promote their website for the past year and more.

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